Professional manuafacture for automatic packaging machinery equipment R&D


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  • Product Description


Mainly used for conveying, arranging, feeding and packing of square, round or strip products such as daily necessities, chemicals, medicines, hardware and others without hand contact with products in the packing process, preventing food from second pollution.


1. The front conveyor belt of this line can be connected with the outfeed conveyor belt of user’s

    front-end production line for fullautomatic continuous feeding and packing, or by manual 

    products dumping on the conveyor belt for conveying and packing.

2. The packing line can be customized according to user’s individual requirements.

3. With multi-stage frequency conversion for speed adjustment, servo control and intelligent PLC

    control system, it is characteristic of simple operation, stable running, high control accuracy and

    low energy consumption.

4. Color LCD touch screen with intuitive HMI display for parameters setting. Fault self-diagnostic

    display on the screen helps trouble shooting.

5. The data memorystorage function helps to change product sizes.

6. Automatic defective product rejecting function is available to ensure continuity and stability of


7. High precision and high sensitivity SICK brand photo sensor tracking system ensures accurate

    product positioning.

8. The machine configuration is made of complete stainless steel and alu-alloy profiles. With user-

    friendly design, it is simple and fast in installation, disassembly, repair and maintenance.

9. At user’s demand, extra units of code printer, inkjet printer, air charging device or alcohol spray

    device can be equipped on the machine for different purpose.