Professional manuafacture for automatic packaging machinery equipment R&D


It can print various kinds of information on colorless cartons, which can avoid respective printing or large inventory of cartons from different loading of goods.



1. Used to directly print clear graphics, bar code, date and time, number chain, Chinese / English / Japanese and other signs on the carton.

2. When printing a large amount of information, the spacing and distance between the words can be set and easily printed by the camera.

3. Intuitive software interface and perfect menu navigation system for simple and convenient operation.

4. Inkjet printing height is 64.5cm maximum.



Printing mode

Actuation type of piezoelectric ceramics

Printing range

Longitudinal 1-64.5mm transverse maximum 7620mm

Ink ejection direction

Longitudinal, transverse

Operating condition

5℃-35℃、10%-80%RH (no dewing)

Printing object

Cartons, paper, wood, and other porous materials